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Learning New Skills


I never knew I could do it. That is, until I watched someone and asked questions as she did it. She made it look so easy! And she did five at one go.

Asking a professional to do it would cost me a fair bit though. So when asked again to do one, I decided to have a go.

Not bad if I might say so myself! Of course, I could have done better. Perhaps with more practice.

I enjoy going to select the things I want, based on the budget I have. Sometimes I put in snacks and packet drinks too. Other times it’s mostly fruit and more fruit.

Then when I put the things in, I enjoy the challenge of arranging them in such a way that they are not only balanced in weight, but also in size and colour.

Here’s another one I did. I forgot to take a photo of one done in between these two.

Hmmmm I wonder if I could go into business doing this! Haha


A Special Water Painting


I have never seen this kind of creativity before.

Love it!

Mr, Mrs, Miss


Says my friend, “T is figuring her English out…. ala french.” T is just over 2 years old. Bright kiddo.

“Mommy” she says “Mr Behaving.”

Mom, partly humouring her and partly wondering what T meant, replies, “Who’s Mr Behaving??

There came a thoughtful look, followed by a sage-like reply “Hmmm…. mis-behaving”

T is the best!

An Accident …. but Nice


I was just snapping away. For fun.

Nice eh? I like it. It was the centre piece of the cold platter at a dinner function recently. Yes, the food was eaten, hence the shadows and lines were so vivid.

It’s shots like these that spur me on with my little point-and-shoot.

Never too old


It is good to let your hair down once in a while.

It is good to maintain a child-likeness at times.

And sometimes, it is just good to really go wild

And let it all out.

These guys? They are ganging up on Arrow #3. Good friends do that. Haha!



I have lost over 10kgs over the 40 days. Now to maintain the weight.

But it is oh so hard of late. It is almost as if I am making up for the earlier non-eating spell. Tempted to binge. Getting all sorts of tidbits. Snacking at all hours.

Game plan

1) Drink more water.

2) Work out more.

3) Eat smaller portions still (is that possible?)

4) Don’t snack after dinner

5) Hang up my favourite-but-oh-so-rarely-worn outfit where I can see it as an incentive!

Hope these work!

Mixed Feelings


It’s November! We are approaching the time of year of mixed feelings.

Year ends means reviews, reports, meetings, and more meetings. Adjustments and planning and more changes. It means lots of activity to smooth transition, much effort to untangle knots, thinking ahead to avoid pitfalls.

Yet it also means celebration of the good, Christmas is coming, and lots of meeting up meal times with many people. It spells holidays and the young ones coming home for a break.

Well, most of the time they come back…. My two older Arrows won’t be back this year. That will be a strange feeling after so many years. My parents won’t be coming over this year either. We had such fun last year. Also, we have challenges to face about schooling.

But we will be taking time out to paint the gate outside, and Arrow #3’s bedroom! That will be good. Also going to make a trip to a lovely resort not too far away. (More on that later)

Mixed feelings indeed.



I LOVE taking photos of flowers. Here are some of my favourite shots of late.

A white rose. Nice?

And here is a lovely red one

Then there’s this one – Arrow #3’s favourite.

But my favourite in this collection has to be this one. Such amazing colours!