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The End is Nigh


OH NO! Of all the times to happen! Of all the places! I can’t believe it! The year end! The holidays! The moments! The events! Oh Oh Oh….!

What a disaster….!

It’s a catastrophe!

I am quite distraught as you can tell.

You see, my camera is dying!

It won’t focus! Even the simplest of shots comes out weird. I can’t understand it.

Of course it’s under warranty. But that would mean not having a camera to use for at least three weeks if not longer. The festive season is here! And I am supposed to be on holiday, with lots of snaps to take….Can anyone lend me a camera in the meantime?

Eating Binge


Non-stop. We have been eating non-stop.

First, the Klang Bak Kut Teh. Awesome. Full flavoured tender meat.

Then there was the durian fest at the start and at the end of our trip.

Of course one mustn’t forget the other yummy dishes like mee goreng and assam laksa….

Ohhh how I need to lose the weight I have put on! And I had best do it before my insurance review comes round again. Otherwise I can forget about my previously good track record and throw away all notions of having a whole life insurance policy. Help! I need some radical workout or SOMETHING!

Old and New Buildings


We visited Penang, also known as the Pearl of the Orient. Well known for the food, it is also known for the buildings. The island has limited land. It is quite a feat. We saw quaint old buildings reminiscent to her colonial past.

But to utilize her land well, there are also new sky-scraping structures.

One can’t help but admire the merging of the two. The marrying of the wooden and cement structures somehow does well with the concrete steel buildings in this place.

My parents who used to frequent this island found surprises. I wonder how stringent their town planning is…!



It’s that time of the year – a frenzy of activity in the schools which are normally silent during the final month of the year. Cars are parked outside and inside the building compounds. Adults and youth alike are mingling, gravitating towards notice boards. A mixture of emotions are observed. It’s exam results time.

This time, it’s the national exams. For those who do well, they might want to use graduation announcements to trumpet the good news. For those who haven’t done as well as they’d hope, well, alternatives will have to be found. In these days, there are more choices out there…. another school, a different college, and, if you have the finances, even a differnt country.

More Thought About Gifts


What with gifts for the nephews sorted out, what about littl’ sis and sis-in-law….? I need something pretty but portable because I have weight allowance limits. We’re traveling budget air to get there. And because it’s a kind of family get-together on Boxing Day so I cant possibly go empty handed….

Hmmm how about some beadaholique gemstone beads? That might be quite novel and easy to take. They would certainly look pretty on my relatives. Possible, possible.

Traveling Aches


After the mad rush and run-up to Christmas, we are now rushing around to get ready for our holiday break. I wonder how much of a break it will be, seeing that there are still things to sort out and a few events to keep in view.

Furthermore, we have a few stops to make between now and here and our final destination. Already Arrow #3 is concerned about having bad nights of sleep and hard pillows…. We are tempted to take some comfortable bedding with us, you know, like those custom mattress which one can get. Arrow #3 is wondering if perhaps we could order ahead.

Hmmm I thought I was feeling my age and aches. Not a young thing like Arrow #3!

Media-Musical Event


What is a media-musical event, you might ask. Well, it’s a combination of a media and a musical presentation. A clever mixture to tell a story. In this case, a story about a Prodigal Father.

Prodigal. Extravagant. Wasteful.

In some ways it can be rather negative. But in the case of the Father, his only extravagance is his love being poured out.

Oh, and it got featured in the local papers.

Arrow #3 was one of the dancers.

Yours truly ended up being roped in to do the announcements Haha

Mad Rush to Year End


It’s a busy, busy time. What with the musical going on and Christmas Day. Gasp. Need to do some gift shopping and don’t know what to do and where to go with the limited time that I have.

I did think about getting what I hear is the best yo yo at yoyoplay for my nephews whom we will see after Christmas. I can see them wow-ing their parents whilst competing with one another to do special displays. Will I have enough time….?!

Remedy for Aches


Lots of dancing for some of the musical production folk. Arrow #3 is one of them. She, who only did ballet till she was 5 years old, is quite a mover. A natural indeed.

But back to my original reason for writing – there are some who are aching. Some of the others aren’t trained either. So the muscles are aching.

Someone suggested that they do some stretching like the ballet dancers. Others have suggested getting a yoga mat and working out on that.

Whatever they decide on, I do hope they get a remedy soon. Otherwise it would be hard for them to continue for three nights!

Gastronomy 102


We are getting near Christmas…. and the eating has begun!

This is wickedly nice. Chocolate cake. Moist. Served warm. With ice cream. And almonds. Truly wicked to the waistline!