Presenting My Case!

So there I was, supposedly showing a video to my superior. I played it on my really-lousy-about-to-fall-apart-and-many-years-old laptop, which surprisingly does very well normally. Today, however, it decided to play up. Just as well. I was in the campaign for a new laptop after all.

I switched the DVD over to another laptop – my work one. Of course, this one didn’t fare too well either, which is the main reason why I started the campaign. The sound volume was at max for both the software and the hardware and sounded a fraction better than the first laptop. It was JUST ABOUT passable.

Then I made my pitch – “Oh, I really need a new laptop,” with an appropriate resigned sigh.

There came the IMMEDIATE and much desired reply, “YES YOU DO!”

Case closed.

I am glad he didn’t suggest getting laptop speakers instead although that would be very nice too!

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