Recently a friend bought a hair dryer and she it used it for the second time, the thing started to smoke! At first she thought it was somehow burning her hair. Then she thought perhaps it was burning dust because it was new. Then she realised a part on the inside was melting in the heat! What a shock she had!

She decided that it was because it was cheaply made. Shoddy workmanship. Henceforth, she declared she will get only quality goods. And, she announced, she would walk around with miniature barcode scanners to tell her the place of production and memorize some others. You see, she found out that the first three numbers can refer to the country e.g. 30 to 37 is from France. South Atrican goods start with 600 to 601. German products sport the prefix 400-44. China made goods use 690, 691 and 692….

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