Make Up Removal

The funniest conversation in a long time.

I text Hubby. It’s been so busy that I haven’t had the time to go get some urgently needed things. One of which is makeup remover for Arrow #3. So I ask Hubby to do it. Specific instructions. Brand, type of remover and the size of bottle. I even tell him what colour it is. What more could you want? It’s an off-the-shelf kind of product.

Phone call #1 – Hubby is at a particular shop (no where near the one I suggest) Is that ok he want to know. What can I say? I am busy. If he can get it there, why not.

Phone call #2 – Hubby asks what about cream. I give him a quick no. I had someone waiting to see me.

Phone call #3 -Hubby says that is this wonderful cream. I give him a quick explanation about lotions and creams and then he realises I want a liquid….

Phone call #4 – Hubby wants to know whether baby wipes will do. No, that’s for the baby’s bottom.

Phone call #5 – Hubby asks what if he gets both the baby wipes and the cream – will that combination do? I sigh. I laugh. I say never mind. I will get it.

Phone call #6 – Hubby checks the colours of the remover. Wow! He is on track!

Phone call #7 – Hubby announces he has found the right remover! Yes! But it is a small bottle. Never mind! Get it!

Thank you….

Lesson learned – never send a man to get a woman’s thing. Hahahahahaha!

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