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Work Impressions


Three. I collected three today.

What did I collect?

Business cards. Three very different ones too.

It’s amazing that these tiny cards can have the power to leave impressions about a business.I have one that is printed on cheap material and looks tacky. There is another which is printed in different colours on a semi-clear plastic sheet. Not bad. The third has some gold embossed bit which doesn’t do anything for me, but might catch the fancy of someone else.

Overall, it is worth the effort to have a card designed well. Your prospects may not remember you or your name but an impressive business card will certainly make you and your business stand out amongst others. One thing to consider is to have a plastic business card. I, for one, would take a second look. I’d also be more likely to keep it!

Music Magic


I come home from a hard day’s work.

Stumbling and almost dropping the many bags and the house keys, I can feel my energy levels dropping further.

Then I throw open the front door and almost fall into the hallway. That’s when I hear it.


Our youngest Arrow.

She has been singing and playing the guitar. It’s almost self-taught too – she takes time to download songs from youtube. Then, headphones on, she strums and sings along.

And as I walk up the stairs, I feel my spirits rise along, and I am no longer weary. What a welcome home…. Unbeatable.

A Break Ahead


I am going through a very busy patch right now. Much as I enjoy my work, sometimes I want to go away and have a holiday. Then, just the other day, Hubby added to my unspoken desire when he reminisced about our Korean holiday.

Skiing. It was the highlight of our holiday in Korea. Since then, Hubby will periodically look for good winter or snow jacket so that we do not need to rent should we go again. He reminded me that we have many standing invitations to visit Canada, New Zealand and even Europe – all for skiing! He’s got his eye on some spyder jackets at the sale in one of the major shops in the city.

I think I’d better put in my leave application soon.

Improvements At Work


All this talk about my Arrow doing physiotherapy, made my thoughts turn to my past. I was a midwifery sister…

Having been a midwifery sister, I did administration as well as nursing. To assist in efficiency, we used to have mobile computer workstations in every ward. It saved time and space.

Now that I am no longer working in hospitals, I find that being a manager in an office is not that much different. Good workstations save a lot of time, not to mention administration costs. My past experience has helped me improve my present!

I Wonder


Over the Christmas and now the Chinese New Year, I have missed my two older Arrows. One is south of where we are, the other is farther away, northwards. One is doing engineering, the other doing physiotherapy.

I don’t know very much about engineering, but having been a nurse before makes me wonder what is it like for our son now in placement in a hospital for his physiotherapy training. Would he need a uniform? When I was nursing, I needed nurses uniforms  and I recall the physiotherapists needing uniforms too. Would they supply him? I can imagine him looking quite dashing in white! Haha!

Creativity Creates Calm


When I am undergoing stressful times, one way I soothe and find peace is to do something totally unrelated to work, with a pleasing final result. It used to be making cards. Then I sometimes get asked to do hampers. Now, however, I have been introduced to the craft of doing custom floral arrangements. Now, before you ask me to show you some photos, let me first stick in my disclaimer – plants often die on me. I am not sure how far this hobby cum de-stressing activity will hurt the flowers more than help me!  One day soon, I hope to have displays that I would dare to give away…!

In Pursuit of Rest


We live in a quiet neighbourhood despite it being very close to the city. We are blessed because when we get home, we can rest, unlike some of our friends who complain of the one of the stresses of modern living – the inability to sleep!

Of course there may be other factors which cause that problem. Often doctors would prescribe sleeping tablets. For me, if I had such a problem, apart from finding peace in God, I’d rather a non medication route. In their pursuit for sleep, one of our friends heard about a white noise maker as an alternative. This is new to me, but I’d certainly keep that in mind.

More Changes


We have a basement. This is somewhat unusual for a tropical home like ours. It is however open planned style. “Open” in the sense it that there are no windows on one side and therefore it is open to the elements of strong tropical storms. Hence for that part of the house, we have to have basement tiles laid, unlike most the rest of the house. It’s the best!

It Happens


She had followed us to the shop. We were a group of about 10 people. Breakfast was nice. The chitchat was fun. We laughed as we ate. Some were sampling the menu for the first time. Most decided to return for more.

We all got up to go. She followed us, getting into the car with us.

Half way to our destination, she suddenly squeals. She had left her bottle behind at the shop. Her lovely new red bottle.

She wanted us to turn back, but we would have been late for work. So we pressed on.

That was four months ago. FOUR MONTHS.

Hubby and I went back to the shop a few months later. We had our breakfast there.We left.

Then we went back again in January. Recently.

As soon as we sat down and placed our orders, the lady of the shop came over and put this in front of us.

“It’s yours”, she said in Mandarin. “It’s your daughter’s”

“No”, I started to say. But then Hubby said “Yes!”

But I knew we didn’t ever own such a bottle. Hubby smiled and explained – it’s was daughter’s friend’s bottle … and then i remembered.

Four months later. The lady of the shop not only kept the bottle safely, but she remembered who the bottle belonged to!

Why didn’t she give it to us in December? Well, when we went that time, she was unwell and was seated at a table nearby with her head resting on her arms. For the entire half hour we were there. she was resting. getting a nap.

You can imagine the reaction of the girl when she was told that her lovely new red bottle had been returned to her, in pristine condition.

It happens. In the city where I live.

I Remain Hopeful


Each time I go on the machines, I am determined.

Each time I press the buttons, I am hopeful.

Each time I start any of the workouts, I am excited.

Each time I start to puff, I am telling myself – press on!

Each time I stand on the scales after, I am expecting!

I wonder if after all this, will I I need to change my wardrobe? Will I be able to go certain places to get some discount women’s clothing at my dream places rather than places where I’d rather not be seen at…. I am an optimist. I remain hopeful.