A Potentially Sad Day

I use my little point-and-shoot camera a lot. On Facebook, I tend to post a picture a day, and then comment on the picture. It’s like a pictorial diary. It goes around with me almost everywhere.

Alas, my camera has been doing funny things. Take for instance this photo.

What does this resemble? Well, I thought it looked like fish roe. My doctor friend reckons “High magnification of staphylococus!” He extolls, “Your camera is amazing!” Tongue in cheek of course! The truth? These were lights. Suspended from the ceiling of a mall I visited.

Close-up shots are fine. Like this one.

This was a small woven table mat.

So with the focus function gone when I do even the slightest zoom, I have no choice but to send my camera to the workshop. The warranty is still valid, but I shall have to be deprived of it for a month. It was almost painful to relinquish the camera to the store owner who sold it to me.

On the brighter side, perhaps this will be a kind of servicing for a well-used, much-loved gadget and it will come back to me in pristine condition, to once again capture those wonderful moments!

I wonder if I will get it back by the lunar new year…..?

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