I started to count my blessings the other day.

I am not sure why I did it. Maybe it’s something that fifty-somethings do on their birthday.

I started counting when I went into the hair dressers. I have been to this hairdresser’s for almost 20 years.

I continued counting whilst my hair was being washed. It went on smoothly even when I was having the shampoo rinsed off half an hour later.

Then I got a little side-tracked with conversation while my hair was being trimmed.

Back I went to the count when my hair was being blown dry and conversation was nigh impossible with the raised noise level.

In the end, I could take it anymore.

I took out my phone and texted the people who made an impact in my life. I was so thankful for them….!

It is good to remember what He has done.


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