Retro Rage

My friend just moved into her new home. Just in time for the Chinese New Year. Her home, however is far from the traditional Asian home. It’s not even the modern minimalist style.

Home Interior decoration is going retro now.

Perhaps it is nostalgic. As you get older, you have more money to spend, and it brings comfort – the familiar touch, sight, sound and smell brings about a sense of security that the modern cold bare and strong colours don’t often give.

The only thing that I thought was odd in my friend’s house? In their quest to achieve the look, they got the right colours and most of the decor. One thing that has perhaps been missed? They  have over looked the ubiquitous switch. A part of every wall, switches are soulless and efficient. But modern switches in period places? Perhaps slightly more ornate switchplate covers may add a touch of class and complete their lovely home….


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