Working Out

What with Christmas and now the Chinese New year, I have to get back to the gym.

My regime is simple. I am certain professional trainers would stare and possibly wonder how I could possibly imagine to making any effect….

Well, I do a brisk walk for 20-25 minutes. I stretch and move my arms as much I can as I stride.

Then, amply loaded with adrenaline and feeling stronger, I try to jog 5-10minutes. I can’t do more because my knee, or hip or back will (loudly) complain later. It’s only a little jog. I don’t run.

Then I also do some light weights for my legs, back and abdomen.

And of course I stretch to finish.

After that, it depends. I might grab a drink, pick up my kit, and head for the showers.

I hope to do this a little more often these days. Then I might feel better about putting away all that extra rich food…. especially this Christmas Cake!

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