It Happens

She had followed us to the shop. We were a group of about 10 people. Breakfast was nice. The chitchat was fun. We laughed as we ate. Some were sampling the menu for the first time. Most decided to return for more.

We all got up to go. She followed us, getting into the car with us.

Half way to our destination, she suddenly squeals. She had left her bottle behind at the shop. Her lovely new red bottle.

She wanted us to turn back, but we would have been late for work. So we pressed on.

That was four months ago. FOUR MONTHS.

Hubby and I went back to the shop a few months later. We had our breakfast there.We left.

Then we went back again in January. Recently.

As soon as we sat down and placed our orders, the lady of the shop came over and put this in front of us.

“It’s yours”, she said in Mandarin. “It’s your daughter’s”

“No”, I started to say. But then Hubby said “Yes!”

But I knew we didn’t ever own such a bottle. Hubby smiled and explained – it’s was daughter’s friend’s bottle … and then i remembered.

Four months later. The lady of the shop not only kept the bottle safely, but she remembered who the bottle belonged to!

Why didn’t she give it to us in December? Well, when we went that time, she was unwell and was seated at a table nearby with her head resting on her arms. For the entire half hour we were there. she was resting. getting a nap.

You can imagine the reaction of the girl when she was told that her lovely new red bottle had been returned to her, in pristine condition.

It happens. In the city where I live.

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