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Working Out


What with Christmas and now the Chinese New year, I have to get back to the gym.

My regime is simple. I am certain professional trainers would stare and possibly wonder how I could possibly imagine to making any effect….

Well, I do a brisk walk for 20-25 minutes. I stretch and move my arms as much I can as I stride.

Then, amply loaded with adrenaline and feeling stronger, I try to jog 5-10minutes. I can’t do more because my knee, or hip or back will (loudly) complain later. It’s only a little jog. I don’t run.

Then I also do some light weights for my legs, back and abdomen.

And of course I stretch to finish.

After that, it depends. I might grab a drink, pick up my kit, and head for the showers.

I hope to do this a little more often these days. Then I might feel better about putting away all that extra rich food…. especially this Christmas Cake!

Thinking Further


My mind is going further afield. Ha! Ha!

I have told my Hubby that should we build a cabana, we ought have to complement it with teak wood patio furniture. This sort of furniture will make the new cabana outstanding, our home so much more rustic and welcoming. I can almost see it! The grainy lines being enhanced by the rising sun. Sipping my beloved Earl Grey in the cool of the morning as I watch the sun warm the land before me. I wonder when Hubby will come round to my idea!



Planning ahead again.

There’s a weekend away coming up and we usually have our breakfasts at the Cabana. This time however, we seem to have to negotiate harder to get meals there.

I would love to have a cabana of my own in my own house. The backyard might not be so suitable, but the side is promising. Perhaps I can persuade Hubby to agree to some changes. It would involve removing some of his plants though!!!

Bathroom Blues


All this talk about how houses look, I have often commented to my Hubby that our bathroom is not very “female”. No I am not complaining about it being small. Far from it. It fact it is bigger than our maid’s room as it has a long bath, a shower and a huge mirror. I complain of it not being feminine enough because of the lack of a bathroom vanity! Perhaps, though, after seeing our friend’s house, he might get the idea…. I live in hope!

Retro Rage


My friend just moved into her new home. Just in time for the Chinese New Year. Her home, however is far from the traditional Asian home. It’s not even the modern minimalist style.

Home Interior decoration is going retro now.

Perhaps it is nostalgic. As you get older, you have more money to spend, and it brings comfort – the familiar touch, sight, sound and smell brings about a sense of security that the modern cold bare and strong colours don’t often give.

The only thing that I thought was odd in my friend’s house? In their quest to achieve the look, they got the right colours and most of the decor. One thing that has perhaps been missed? They  have over looked the ubiquitous switch. A part of every wall, switches are soulless and efficient. But modern switches in period places? Perhaps slightly more ornate switchplate covers may add a touch of class and complete their lovely home….



When you own a Recreational Vehicle, you move up one notch from the ordinary saloon cars. Mainly because you need deeper pockets. Parts cost more. Accessories are often priced in a different league. Not to mention if you need to have an rv repaired as my nephew discovered. He had skidded his brand new car on a highway, causing damages to not only his own vehicle, but also others. His parents are glad that he didn’t get hurt. They are also glad that his insurance paid for all the damages. Had it not, it would have been a case of writing off a brand new vehicle…. ouch!



I started to count my blessings the other day.

I am not sure why I did it. Maybe it’s something that fifty-somethings do on their birthday.

I started counting when I went into the hair dressers. I have been to this hairdresser’s for almost 20 years.

I continued counting whilst my hair was being washed. It went on smoothly even when I was having the shampoo rinsed off half an hour later.

Then I got a little side-tracked with conversation while my hair was being trimmed.

Back I went to the count when my hair was being blown dry and conversation was nigh impossible with the raised noise level.

In the end, I could take it anymore.

I took out my phone and texted the people who made an impact in my life. I was so thankful for them….!

It is good to remember what He has done.



Sudden urge strikes.

I want to pack and catch a plane.

Destination – anywhere.

Duration – at least two weeks.

There are so many places I’d love to visit. Smells I’d love to experience. Foods I’d love to savour. People I’d love to meet.

Photos waiting to be taken.

Opportunities calling out to be grasped.

One day, perhaps. One day…..

The Need to Do Well


She watched as one after another, her friends were called to go forward and meet with the teacher. Most of them went forward with smiles. They were confident they had done well. One to two had expressionless faces. Perhaps they didn’t think this was an important subject to consider needing to do well?

More than half of the class had gone forward. The last person had come back to the seat two rows from hers. Surely she would be the next one.

No, it was yet another friend. She too, came back beaming away.

And then, it was indeed her turn. She heard her name being called. Instinctively she ducked before she stood up, wondering if her legs would help her go forward and get back to her seat without drawing attention to herself by crumbling with fear.

Such insane fear. “it’s nothing,” she tried to convince herself. “Just some crummy pieces of cloth”.

But in the depths of her heart, she could not fool herself. These were much more to her. They represented the sum total of many hours of poring under dim light, of pain from the piercings of needles into soft flesh. She could almost taste the blood in her mouth again.

Heart pounding, she set her face as she approached the desk. The teacher barely looked up. Her hand reached out with the precious items.

“Here you are.” she said, without so much as a glance.

And that was it.


In seconds.

She mumbled some thanks, turned on her heels and somehow stumbled back to her chair. As she sat down, she was aware that she was clutching the proffered treasures to her chest. Relief mingled with joy. Before anyone could notice the tears welling up, she bent down to put her precious little bundle into her school bag.

For her these simple handicraft were not her own. They were her special gift to her grandmother who lay at home, unable to rise these last few days. This same grandma who sat patiently beside her, encouraging her on, cajoling her to not give up, pushing her to give her best, teasing her to maintain the standard throughout. The grandma who then fell ill a few days later.

She would take the offering of their joint labour home to show Grandma and tell Grandma that not only had she not given up, she had done well. She had done excellently. And she couldn’t have done it without Grandma. She did her best despite her handicaps. Her Grandma believed in her and she wanted to prove Grandma right. She needed to do well for Grandma’s sake.

Kacang Putih!


Pronounced as “kar-chang” and “put-teh”.

These are wonderful local tidbits. Perhaps they can be considered the Asian equivalent of crisps although I am believe these came about before Mister Potato and the like!

Savoury, mostly crunchy, these tasty bites are addictive!

Start on one and you will be tempted to grab another handful…. and another after that…. and then more.

We visited one such place during our last holiday. It was tucked away in a village on the outskirts of the city. What a place – where the freshness of their produce cannot be denied – made on the spot where you can see!

Alas, it might not pass the international standard of sanitation and cleanliness! But I will still be eating! Haha!