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Added Boost


I have been working out at least two if not three to four times a week. In fact, I learned a new side stepping one which promises to burn fat and trim the thighs.

It does seem to be working because of of the comments I have been getting.

But I decided to add more to my challenge….

Meet my new dumb bells. These are 1kg each. I have another set, but 0.5kg.

So now i have little or no excuse now…..

My Monday Mood


On my day off, once in a while, I get into THAT MOOD. I call it my MAKING MONDAY mood. I throw open the refridgerator, pull open the drawers, check each box, package and pot. I do all that with one aim – what shall I put together for my family. I fuss about what I should put on the table for my loved ones.

This day, I went for THIS!

It was fun to do, and made all the worthwhile when Arrow #3 went, “Wow”.

Now, however, the standard is set!

New Toys


It’s time for change. Change is one of the constants in life, the others being death and God.

I went hunting for quotes. Or rather, to be more truthful, I asked my staff to do the hunting of specs. We compared, studied and deliberated for weeks, yea even months.

Then suddenly my boss says, “Let’s do it”.

It’s all systems go and in a frantic two and a half weeks, many things come together. I meet various people, study more online and ask a lot of questions.

Then voila, just like that, divine connections come together and the purchases are made.

It’s almost scary because it happened so fast.

And now, I have a lot of learning to do….

Unique Everyday


I am so glad to get my camera back. Then I won’t miss capturing moments like this.

This is the view from my upstairs window. Lovely isn’t it. And it’s new every day. This was taken on my day off. I had a quiet day at home, and when I finally emerged from my bedroom/study, this was the sight that caught my eyes.

Yes, I was glad my little point-and-shoot was handily nearby!

Extra Help


I am on a mission! Desperately need to lose some weight. Also need to get fitter and leaner. So I decided to get some extra help.

They are only 1kg each but they help when I do side steps up and down. I can feel the pressure on my legs and I can feel the strain on the shoulders and back.

Now to work on the waist!

Special Specimen


I love my camera. I love being able to take photos. I love being able to take photos of specimens like this! Isn’t this lovely? I used to call it the Atlas Moth.

Most of them are bigger than the palm of my hand. This was no different.

And it stayed there, a few feet above my head, on the door frame, just waiting for me to snap away.

As my Arrow would say, “Naise!”



I am soooo excited! My camera has been fixed!

It’s just a little point-and-shoot, but I really miss it. I’ve been using my old one but it’s hard to take photos with it – you can’t see what you’re taking. The display is not working and it’s not worth fixing. This other camera however, is still under warranty. Yes!

I plan to collect it tomorrow – my Canon PowerShot 95.

Coffee Stains?


Unlike anything you have ever seen before! Painting with coffee stains!

This is by an amazingly talented young lady. As beautiful as she is gifted!
After this, who is going to worry about a stain or two….
You can’t fail to enjoy this….

A Hobby


Did I ever mention that I own a sewing machine? Well I do.

Did I ever post about knowing how to sew a little? Straight line stuff. Hate the zips and buttons bits.

Did I upload any photo of this new toy I have? Hubby bought me a new sewing machine. See?

Nice eh? This is me sewing up some velcro straps for this stringy curtain to be hung at the door leading into Arrow #3’s room! “Naise” as some of the youth would say!

A Workout


I have a deadline to meet. I need to get some weight off! This week so far, I have only been able to get to do a workout twice. The other evenings have seen me working well past exercise time. I end up going home so late that the very thought of doing anything physical just makes me want to go curl up in bed!

And yet, I really need to lose weight.

Arrow Number 3 suggests that I can make it more fun – she’s challenging me to some games. Indoor games, and not the boring board game ones! No, she is offering her new gadget! She was given a wii as an early birthday present.

Hmmm that might just do the trick….!