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For What It’s Worth


All this fantasizing about what to do with the garden…. I would need tons of money to employ a team of people to transform the wreckage of a garden we have. I would have to probably pay them in precious metal; you know, like gold or silver bars. As if I had a supply of those!

Well, frankly, if I had that kind of money, that amount of commodity, I wouldn’t spend it on my garden.

Hubby, if you are reading this, for what it’s worth, I would spend the money on you and the family rather than the house!

Just a Thought….


Haha! Hubby has given me a wicked thought. After talking about how things would look if we re-did the garden especially with our little furry pet having her own special dog cage, he has suggested that we get out some stuff and dress her up a bit. He saw some people doing that in the magazine he was glancing through. Our imagination then went wild and we could suddenly see little Sprite (that’s her name by the way), dressed in all kinds of gear. Even leather! Of course, the leather stuff we have would have to be re-coloured with some special leather dye to enhance her natural white and brown. A touch of orange and black would be awesomely striking.

Goodness! What will the neighbours say!

An Added Touch


My garden! I mustn’t forget another aspect to it – a special spot for a special lady. She deserves a specially designed place to part herself in the garden.

“What?” I can hear you say. Who would I put in the garden? Haha!

I refer to my little furry friend, folks. For her, I would love to have the best available of dog cages because she is the best of all doggies! Never fails to come and greet me when I get home. That wag of the tail which will blow away all the weariness… yes, definitely will get a better home for her…. Dreaming on….

My Garden


Over time, my garden has gone into disrepair. It’s overgrown in parts, jungle in others. Yet other parts are dried up and bare, and some parts are practically rocky. I guess I need to put time into it – time that I don’t have. I’d love to have the flowers back. The little Japanese rose ones. They looked great near the fence. I also had some lovely white ones which reminded me of lilies. They looked great along the sides of the pathway. My dream? I’d love to have a centrepiece. This one will have something special. Hmmmm perhaps I should check out if there are any yard gnomes for sale and see if they would fit in. Can you imagine it? A gnome sitting on a rock, fishing…. I can dreammmm



Mulling. Thinking back. Especially when I have to be quiet….

I have been writing on the net for a number of years now. It’s a great way to connect with friends and it gives me an outlet for my creative juices. My third Arrow seems to be picking up this trait too. I am thinking of recommending that she joins the cpa network and be recognised for her efforts despite her young age. Who knows she might also get to be rewarded monetarily and go on to be the creative writer she aims to be.

Health Issues


Wow. All that talk about how rotten I feel. Well, it can’t compare to what my friend’s father must feel. He’s normally super-fit. You can see from the way he walks and carries himself that he has worked hard to ensure he stays fit.

However, the unexpected did happen – he had sudden chest pains. Thankfully my friend was with him when it happened and was able to rush his Dad to the hospital where he had tests like an ekg done. He had bloods taken too. His Dad is now resting in the hospital – for observation. I hope he’ll be fine.

Finally Over?


It’s been days. Coming to a week. What a long-drawn affair this has been!

It has varied from being totally stuffed up to the total opposite.

Whilst a few days ago there was near immobility, today I have spent most of today using up a box of tissues and putting red marks all over.

Oh, by the way, I refer to the state of my nose.

Finally today, I have seen signs of improvement despite rubbing myself sore around the nostrils.

I walked out of the house and smelled the flowers.

Joy. I hadn’t appreciated them as much as I did this morning!

Trying Something Else


During this period of not feeling so well, Hubby has been trying all sorts of things to help me regain my health. He has even suggested sourcing for the best yoga mats for our stretching exercises. We can’t get to the gym so we tend to work out at home. Furthermore,, right now, the symptoms of my ill health includes tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) So it’s just as well we have learned some stretching exercises. I don’t think I could cope with the sounds in a gym – the thumping rhythmic music and whirring of machines would flatten me – onto the floor.

I am thankful for my thoughtful Hubby!

Perish the Thought!


Someone took a look at me and said I looked pale. The unspoken thought I had was, “Well thank you very much. I do feel rotten”.

Then another person piped up, “Are you feeling ok?” Smiling, I slowly shake my head and say, “Not feeling so good actually. Thanks for asking.”

Back to Observer No 1 who then asks, “Are you pregnant?”!!

HONESTLY! Perish the thought! At my age?! I was so shocked by that, I simply went silent while Observer No 2 did the apologizing.

I know I am big, but it’s not from pregnancy! And if (a BIG and most unlikely “IF”) I was pregnant, I know I would need to get plus size maternity dresses. But Observer No 1 knows full well that I am already over the hill in that area…. so that was somewhat a thoughtless question.

As Charlie Brown would say, GOOD GRIEF!

Enlisted Help


I went to do some training the other night. There, due to limited equipment availability, I had to improvise and adjust the setting. The floor of the meeting venue had black lines. This meant that the wire for the projector almost camouflage into its surroundings. It was an accident waiting to happen. So I decided to enlist some help.

Do you like my cute buddy? Haha! No one tripped over the wire as a result and we had fun that night!