Perfumes and Fragrances

All that talk about money and getting things, I have an important function to attend soon. I havent had the time to get anything special to wear but a dear friend is offering me her lovely evening gown. Isn’t that nice?!

Now, I need to get some accessories to go with it, and perhaps complete the impact with not just appearance but also scent. Can you imagine it? A vision of loveliness (not!) and then as the image walks past, a whiff of delight. Haha!

Dreams and wild imagination aside, with the advances of chemical sciences and computer technology, the making of exotic fragrances is no longer a secret art the domain of expensive fragrance houses with big names. Cheap fragrances can no longer be sniffed at just because they are affordable (pardon the pun!) Very often the hoity would not spot the difference. So whilst I might not look the part, I might still cause a head or two to turn as I walk past them …..

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