Just a Pencil

So this is just a pencil. It’s just a normal mechanical pencil. Cost? Minimal. Brand? Run-of-the-mill.

So why am I posting about it?

Well, at a meeting a few weeks ago, this pencil was sitting at my desk. It is my pencil, and someone asked to borrow it for the duration of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, in the rush, everyone left and as I packed up, I realised the pencil had not been returned. Well, I am a realist. When I lend things out, I don’t expect returns all the time. So I shrugged off the loss.

The next day, the Borrower sought me out. He apologised and said that he would return it. Smiling, I replied that it was all right, and walked on. The incident totally forgotten. Another mechanical pencil took the space vacated.

TWO WEEKS later, lo and behold, the Borrower came up to me at another meeting. My raised eyebrows spoke volumes. He smiled and extended his hand to me.

In it lay my mechanical pencil, a promise kept.

Thank you EJ. Integrity is your middle name.

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