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Small Matter Big Thing



Honestly, I am not really a techie person. I use machines such as computers out of necessity. In the process I work hard at picking up new things and finding out what are the best ways of doing things. I try to improve where I can and make life easier for myself.

So when things are changed and my comfort zone is challenged, I find it stressful. BUT I will press on. When I have to learn new things, I will set aside time to do so. When I need to adapt, I try my best…

Imagine then, my delight when I found I could do something totally alien to me, which I had only just learned about in 1 minute. Haha! I was shown it and then later I found I could piece it together and do it.

Not only that, I will be using it during one of my talks later. It is probably a small matter to some, but to me, it’s a big thing!

Choosing Cues


Cucumber. Water-filled and of little nutritional value that I am aware of. Yet I love them.

Of course, the zucchini is a favourite for some. But this cucumber hybrid is, to my tastebuds, not as nice as the original. It’s a fruit of course, but most people consider a vegetable.

There are many legends on how to choose a non-bitter cue. There are even sworn methods of removing the bitterness (cut off the top end and rub it with the cut to “draw out” the bitterness)

Me? I still go by this method which is at the selection stage. See these four below?

I would choose numbers one and three. They may not look nice, but I know they will be pleasant.

The last one I would choose is Number 4 even though it looks big and juicy. Why? Because it is long, symmetrical in shape.

You see, to get a nice cucumber, apart from the usual blemish-free and not-dried criteria, you need to add one more – the top must be smaller than the bottom.

Works every time.

Say What?


Saw this in a shop the other day. Doesn’t sound right at all does it.


More Comfort?


I went for a heavy lunch today! It’s so unusual for me to do that! My normal lunch is cereal. I love cereal with a sprinkling of nuts. Oh, and no milk. Just as is.

Then I get invited to lunch. Unusually I agree.

Just look at the feast I had!

Curry chicken. I finished all the curry sauce. Again, unusual for me.


Then there was the side dish. I loved the pickled bitter gourd. It was the best touch to a curry dish. Of course I am always partial to peanuts. What’s more when it is mixed with little anchovies. Yum again.

What meal would be complete without a nice dessert! This is sago with gula melaka, a brown sugar made from palm sugar. It was just nice. A great way to end a lovely time. And with Hubby and friends.

Oh, and yes, of course, there was coffee. Simple, but the absolute final touch.


Comfort Food


I wonder if this is part of my condition. Comfort food you know.

Whether it is or not, it’s yummy. Don’t you agree? Especially that sliver of chocolate. Yum!

A New Word?


Problems with my skin – Probably NOT allergies now…

Problems with my emotions – I got frightened for no real reason

Problems with my joints – The knees are better – just the left shoulder now

Problems with my ears – Intermittent vertigo, long term tinnitus

That folks, is my current health update!

So WHAT’s causing all this, you might ask? I think it’s just one word – perimenopause.

It’s possibly a new word to some of you. It’s one I came across seven years ago. I had similar and more symptoms then. There is a list, you see. Symptoms which women, as they approach this amazing time of their life, experience to varying degrees. Seven years ago, I had some 29-30 out of the listed 32 symptoms. I now find that the list has increased to 35. And I only have 22 of them, but badly.

Remedy? Well, stress is a factor which I need to reduce. The rash? It’s hives. Probably from stress and hormonal imbalance. So am working at reducing stress. SO glad for a good team at the office!

The other factor which i am working on – herbal supplements. I used to take some. Then I reduced them. Going to increase once again…

Will they work? I will let you know in a week’s time. Hopefully by then my brain is back to functioning well!

Still Thankful


Had a fall the other day. Of late, I have been going through quite a few challenges.

Problems with my skin – allergies causing my skin to be super irritated

Problems with my emotions – a bit anxious about a few matters

Problems with my joints – pains in the shoulders and knees

Problems with my ears – tinnitus and vertigo

All in all, it’s been quite a few weeks. I am glad however that I can take medication for the pains and the allergies. The emotions come and go…. and I am thankful for understanding folk around me. The ear sensitivity is a problem and I walk around with ear plugs handy. The dizziness is the most challenging. I find myself being rather clumsy due to occasional loss of balance. I am so glad I didn’t hurt myself too badly when I fell. My knee felt the most of the impact. An incapacitated knee would have meant great difficulty going about my work. I would need something like a knee scooter or similar. Thankful my calcium levels are good!

A Timely Reminder

It had been one of those weeks.
Tiring people.
Sapping weather.
Difficult moments.
I was misunderstood.
I had been misinformed.
I was mistakenly told off more than once.
I had to keep reminding myself to stay focused, keep pressing on with what I needed to do.
Then on the way home with Arrow #3, we saw this.

Amazed that I managed to catch a shot of it. Delighted that it was flying repeatedly overhead. Humbled by the reminder.

Isaiah 40:31But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Eagles soar with the hot currents. They dont flap.

They fly above the circumstances. They are not grounded.

They can see with piercing sharpness and the small details. And yet have a full grasp of the surroundings and the big picture.

I am grateful for the reminder.

On the Theme of Thanksgiving


In the spirit of thanksgiving, I love it when I am asked to do things like this:-

It’s goooood to say thanks. It’s even nicer if you are involved with a more elaborate way of saying thanks than just saying them. (Am I making sense?) I had fun. Fun (and some stress) in gathering these things together. Fun in being able to do the delivery too.

Needless to say, the recipient was super happy.

It’s nice to thank people. It’s good to spread some cheer and affirmation. Pass it on….

More to Thank


Continuing the tone of thankfulness, there are many things to be thankful for. In particular, one should always be thankful of who people are and what they do.

Which is why I am glad that I am occasionally asked to do this sort of thing.

I am not the best hamper-packer. But I do enjoy doing them. It gives me an outlet for my creativity AND I don’t have to spend my own money! That’s a double bonus for thanksgiving! Haha!