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A Clean Job


Baking. Brownies. Cupcakes. Marble cakes. Orange cakes. Arrow #3’s latest craze.

So she experiments.

And we get to eat. Enjoy ourselves.

One thing I dislike though – the sifting of the flour. I can whisk the eggs happily. I can whip the butter and sugar together. I love folding in the flour. But sifting the flour before folding it in? Somehow I dislike that part. Perhaps it is because I dislike the mess. I have looked at sieves to see if there is one that would do the job but cleanly. Anyone with any ideas?

Then both the process and the product becomes a total pleasure!

Doing it right


Hubby works with a group of developers, constructions and property management companies. Each time they do a new development, they try to improve. They try to make it better.

Recently however one major hiccup they had was with the disposal of rubbish. The trash pump was not functioning well at one of the sites. They have had so many complaints. Poor Hubby. He sometimes gets the complaints even though it is not his jurisdiction. He comes home daily hoping that better ones will be installed.

These sort of things need to be done right, from the start.