Still Thankful

Had a fall the other day. Of late, I have been going through quite a few challenges.

Problems with my skin – allergies causing my skin to be super irritated

Problems with my emotions – a bit anxious about a few matters

Problems with my joints – pains in the shoulders and knees

Problems with my ears – tinnitus and vertigo

All in all, it’s been quite a few weeks. I am glad however that I can take medication for the pains and the allergies. The emotions come and go…. and I am thankful for understanding folk around me. The ear sensitivity is a problem and I walk around with ear plugs handy. The dizziness is the most challenging. I find myself being rather clumsy due to occasional loss of balance. I am so glad I didn’t hurt myself too badly when I fell. My knee felt the most of the impact. An incapacitated knee would have meant great difficulty going about my work. I would need something like a knee scooter or similar. Thankful my calcium levels are good!

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