A New Word?

Problems with my skin – Probably NOT allergies now…

Problems with my emotions – I got frightened for no real reason

Problems with my joints – The knees are better – just the left shoulder now

Problems with my ears – Intermittent vertigo, long term tinnitus

That folks, is my current health update!

So WHAT’s causing all this, you might ask? I think it’s just one word – perimenopause.

It’s possibly a new word to some of you. It’s one I came across seven years ago. I had similar and more symptoms then. There is a list, you see. Symptoms which women, as they approach this amazing time of their life, experience to varying degrees. Seven years ago, I had some 29-30 out of the listed 32 symptoms. I now find that the list has increased to 35. And I only have 22 of them, but badly.

Remedy? Well, stress is a factor which I need to reduce. The rash? It’s hives. Probably from stress and hormonal imbalance. So am working at reducing stress. SO glad for a good team at the office!

The other factor which i am working on – herbal supplements. I used to take some. Then I reduced them. Going to increase once again…

Will they work? I will let you know in a week’s time. Hopefully by then my brain is back to functioning well!

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