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More Comfort?


I went for a heavy lunch today! It’s so unusual for me to do that! My normal lunch is cereal. I love cereal with a sprinkling of nuts. Oh, and no milk. Just as is.

Then I get invited to lunch. Unusually I agree.

Just look at the feast I had!

Curry chicken. I finished all the curry sauce. Again, unusual for me.


Then there was the side dish. I loved the pickled bitter gourd. It was the best touch to a curry dish. Of course I am always partial to peanuts. What’s more when it is mixed with little anchovies. Yum again.

What meal would be complete without a nice dessert! This is sago with gula melaka, a brown sugar made from palm sugar. It was just nice. A great way to end a lovely time. And with Hubby and friends.

Oh, and yes, of course, there was coffee. Simple, but the absolute final touch.