Choosing Cues

Cucumber. Water-filled and of little nutritional value that I am aware of. Yet I love them.

Of course, the zucchini is a favourite for some. But this cucumber hybrid is, to my tastebuds, not as nice as the original. It’s a fruit of course, but most people consider a vegetable.

There are many legends on how to choose a non-bitter cue. There are even sworn methods of removing the bitterness (cut off the top end and rub it with the cut to “draw out” the bitterness)

Me? I still go by this method which is at the selection stage. See these four below?

I would choose numbers one and three. They may not look nice, but I know they will be pleasant.

The last one I would choose is Number 4 even though it looks big and juicy. Why? Because it is long, symmetrical in shape.

You see, to get a nice cucumber, apart from the usual blemish-free and not-dried criteria, you need to add one more – the top must be smaller than the bottom.

Works every time.

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