Small Matter Big Thing


Honestly, I am not really a techie person. I use machines such as computers out of necessity. In the process I work hard at picking up new things and finding out what are the best ways of doing things. I try to improve where I can and make life easier for myself.

So when things are changed and my comfort zone is challenged, I find it stressful. BUT I will press on. When I have to learn new things, I will set aside time to do so. When I need to adapt, I try my best…

Imagine then, my delight when I found I could do something totally alien to me, which I had only just learned about in 1 minute. Haha! I was shown it and then later I found I could piece it together and do it.

Not only that, I will be using it during one of my talks later. It is probably a small matter to some, but to me, it’s a big thing!

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