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Food. Constant topic for the Asian. More so when one has had a period of not being able to taste one’s favourite food e.g. when away from home!

Hubby and I were away from home for 10-12 years. Makes a difference – makes a cook out of a man who doesn’t normally go near the kitchen!

Now he loves to grill and he does a killer Chinese-style crispy skin pork. At the moment we have an oven and he does fine with it but he prefers a grill. It gives him better control he says. So I found this site for him: It might make him remodel our kitchen!

Would You Wait?


Can you imagine it? Some people were actually talking about camping out for some good seats for the Pixie Lott Concert the other day. They were overheard discussing whether they should go for the special Big Agnes Sleeping Bags of whether just getting some camping seats would do.

I am so glad that the third person in their group spoke some sense into them – there is no need to camp out. Just get the tickets and turn up early by a couple of hours!

I tried looking for them that night. They were not near the front….!

Special Cover


All that palaver over the celebrity coming to town… the preparations are vast and began ages ahead, from buying the right insurance to disseminating the right information, the logistical nightmare can be endless.

Speaking of insurance, the complications that could arise! Well, the technicalities are beyond me. Actually my Hubby has a license to sell insurance but he had never used it even though he sat an exam for it! Stuff like what is the difference between term life insurance vs universal life insurance absolutely baffles me.

To him, ” term life insurance is fixed for a term of say 5 years or 10 years whereas universal life insurance is to cover you the whole life, until you die. For term life, when you don’t die during the term of years you has opt for, what you paid will not cover you anymore. It is cheaper than universal life though!”

Well, after hearing all that, I am as enlightened as I was before I was told. Best leave it to the experts, eh…..!

Pretty n Powerful Pixie


Prior to today, I had never heard of her. Haha! That’s my confession for starters.

Then I was asked to go and “entertain” her mother during her concert! Wow!

I had to quickly get my act together, go online and find out more, listen to a song or two and then…. yes we were there. Fun. So many screaming young people. So hot. So humid. But fun.  So much talent. Nice voice. Did well to sing live. And unplugged too.

Pixit Lott was in town and we got to go behind the scenes to meet her.

Thorough Checks


Wow. Talking about liabilities, we just heard from Arrow #1. He is studying to be a physiotherapist. Because this is a very hands-on type of health care job, before he starts his practical training, it is legal requirement for him to have a criminal background check. Otherwise he is not allowed to go for practical training in any hospital.

I suppose it is only right that they do the screening to prevent anyone taking advantage of patients. It’s just that this is somewhat unexpected – they didn’t need to do such things before. Times have changed!



With all the kerfuffle in the office before I left for holidays, my mind went to things such as “What if I had to cancel my holiday? Would I be able to recover costs?” and the like. I don’t usually take out travel insurance either. Too costly.  Why, even general liability insurance cost is soaring.

I suppose the big picture is that businesses cannot do without general liability insurance cover. It is a pre-requisite to obtaining the licence to operate. You know, unforeseen happening causing damage or even affecting the public. In that unfortunate event, a general liability insurance should cover the cost of repair as well as to compensate for loss of life and limb. Not the best, but better than nothing.

This still doesn’t solve my travel plans being disrupted, but that’s another story… and another insurance cover!

Such Timing


Isn’t it just typical – when I am preparing to go away for a break, something happens in the office which threatens my peace in going.

This time it is a member of staff having a crisis. Another time it was all, and I mean all our printers going havoc at the same time. Why, we have even had the paper shredder replacement giving me a headache because of the timing! Having gone through several paper shredders I am now wary about getting one based on someone’s recommendation, friend or now. Which is why a web site which gives paper shredder ratings is really useful. Independent tests.

Anyway, now to the crisis at hand …. which I must handle wisely and well….

On a More Serious Note


Well, laughter aside, I guess I should come back and give an update about my health challenges.

I went to see the specialist and after being poked about a lot and suffered the indignity of having many people look at me, I left the hospital with a bag of medication. Some of this, I have taken before. One, in fact, causes me to put on weight! It does not help with my self esteem to look like a six-month pregnant woman right now. I am tempted to go on a diet. I read an apidextra review and am tempted to give it a try. I will let you know…..!

The Giggles


Hubby and I got into “Silly Mode” after thinking of how we would look like dressed like cowboys and (trying to!) ride on horses. We think we would look ridiculous!

Of course that would not be as silly as if we went to a fun fair and see the funny mirror section. I still recall as a child frequenting this part of the many displays. It was one of  the most memorable experiences for me, apart from roller coasters. Somehow it was intriguing to see myself in distorted and skewed images in the hall of mirrors where these unique mirrors are, specially  to make us laugh.

And of course, when we started talking about that, we got into worse giggles!

More on Health


Actually one of the most soothing therapies for most us is to listen to water flowing and gently splashing. For those without room space, wall fountains may be the answer to create this kind of effect. I can just see it – water flowing down walls, soothing lighting and soft music. And not forgetting the compulsory greens and ferns. Real ones of course. That would be so very relaxing, and a wonderful reason to get out of the workplace and head home rather than a pub somewhere.