Alternative Wanted

After the cropping of my hair, I am tempted to have a major change of lifestyle. Haha!

You see, the we live in is growing. That means an increase in traffic. The town planning however….. Let’s just say that they are quaint in their way of thinking. You can imagine the resultant traffic jam. Getting from place to place is becoming more than just good planning. Sometimes it depends on whether you come across an accident or the lights are out… or something.

Hence my potential change. Even more radical than a haircut. (Drumroll)

I am looking at getting a motorcycle as an alternative means of transport! Faster travelling time. Rain aside, I think this is a great idea. Of course, safety is paramount. Many accidents happen because the rider is not careful enough. I am UK-trained (Silver Star rider no less!) and to us, safety means jacket, gloves, boots, reflectors. Of course there is no substitute for a good helmet – the shoei helmet is trusted and reliable. I was even trained to maintain a motorbike in a clean and shiny condition!

So, yes, the day may come…. sonner rather than later!


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