What Initiative to Interact

It’s a first time experience for me. A first time for everything, as the saying goes!

Someone suggested that since I was toying with the idea of selling and buying (toying is the word), I should take a peek at a site. It’s called real estate oak island nc and supposed to be quite nice. Next to the beach and all that.

So I did. It was just a click away. Whilst I was glancing through the site, suddenly this popped up!

Being the sociable person that I am, of course I replied. But then I said, “It’s ok – I was just looking around”.

Then curiousity got the better of me and I asked if this was a common thing – so interactive and speedy and more importantly, PERSONAL. It added a personal touch to what would normally be a purely read-and-see experience

Clever. Definitely high-touch. Which makes me consider these people if I should need a change. They would be hands on, high-touch. Yes I would bookmark this site!

Wouldn’t you?


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