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Speaking of Which


Speaking of the Lone Star State, I often these cowboys on their steeds, stirrups in place, cowboy hat perkily sitting on the head, and with one little twist of it, the sunset beckons! Perhaps I have got it wrong! Haha!

Over here, most of us would never dream of wearing, let alone buy, a Cowboy Hat as it is so out of our culture and lifestyle. However occasionally we will look for one for costumes for plays and dramas stage plays our church will put up annually. There is an ethnic group up north who are known as the Cowboys of the east. But there again, we hardly visit their place of abode…

Painted Daily


All this accessibility to the internet means we can interact with our friends and relatives near and far.

We have land-lubing cousins who live in the Lone Star State of Texas. They envy us because we live by the seas with beautiful sunsets like this. Taken a just few kilometres inland, we get lovely sunsets painted daily.

Maybe I should introduce them to real estate oak island nc. Then they may have a chance to live by the sea in their own country. Haha!