Special Cover

All that palaver over the celebrity coming to town… the preparations are vast and began ages ahead, from buying the right insurance to disseminating the right information, the logistical nightmare can be endless.

Speaking of insurance, the complications that could arise! Well, the technicalities are beyond me. Actually my Hubby has a license to sell insurance but he had never used it even though he sat an exam for it! Stuff like what is the difference between term life insurance vs universal life insurance absolutely baffles me.

To him, ” term life insurance is fixed for a term of say 5 years or 10 years whereas universal life insurance is to cover you the whole life, until you die. For term life, when you don’t die during the term of years you has opt for, what you paid will not cover you anymore. It is cheaper than universal life though!”

Well, after hearing all that, I am as enlightened as I was before I was told. Best leave it to the experts, eh…..!

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