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I was happily driving down the dual carriage-way. After making my stop at the airport, I was heading to pick my Arrow #3. Then I heard a strange sound. For a brief moment, I thought it was an airplane passing overhead. It was unlike any airplane I knew.

Seconds later it dawned on me that it might be coming from my car!

When I relaxed my hold on the steering wheel there was no discernable difference. Both lanes of traffic was moving fast so I eased myself towards the side gradually. I had to check.

I managed to pull into a layby and stop.

What a sight. The tyre was a mess.

What was worse – I was not in any physical shape to do the tyre change myself.

So thankful for help that came. They urged each other on to help a lady in distress. (That’s what their conversation amounts to when translated)

And help they did. Done in a jiffy too. So very thankful that it was not a front tyre. One of the men kept saying the same. I would probably have lost control and a big pile up would have occurred. Phew!