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Pearl Anniversary


Soon, Hubby and I will be celebrating our Pearl Wedding Anniversary. That shows our age!

In our day and age, divorce was not as common as today. When a marriage broke down, and there were suspicion of who the father of the children are, , lawyers will advise that paternity  tests be done. Clients are often advised to go for reputable and acceptable procedures to avoid any uncertainty. When matrimonial suits are filed, children are clearly identified, it makes a traumatic event a little manageable.

Having said that, Hubby and I are planning a getaway. But I cant let out the secret details yet….! More to come!

Powerful Natural Elements


Wow, what happened?! In seconds the weather has changed. The winds are howling outside as I sit and type this.

Actually I could hear the winds approaching from afar because our house is perched on a hill.

Now, the curtains are being pulled towards the windows because of the negative pressure from the air being forced into a narrow space between the buildings.

Soon, I am sure the rains will come a-lashing down.

Such times….. I am just glad I can snuggle down to sleep. Though I do give a thought about the less fortunate….. And I wonder how much damage and debris there will be tomorrow.