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I was happily driving down the dual carriage-way. After making my stop at the airport, I was heading to pick my Arrow #3. Then I heard a strange sound. For a brief moment, I thought it was an airplane passing overhead. It was unlike any airplane I knew.

Seconds later it dawned on me that it might be coming from my car!

When I relaxed my hold on the steering wheel there was no discernable difference. Both lanes of traffic was moving fast so I eased myself towards the side gradually. I had to check.

I managed to pull into a layby and stop.

What a sight. The tyre was a mess.

What was worse – I was not in any physical shape to do the tyre change myself.

So thankful for help that came. They urged each other on to help a lady in distress. (That’s what their conversation amounts to when translated)

And help they did. Done in a jiffy too. So very thankful that it was not a front tyre. One of the men kept saying the same. I would probably have lost control and a big pile up would have occurred. Phew!

Play Then and Now


Talking about that memory lane trip, Hubby and I noted that modern children have different choices when it comes to play these days. They can choose from electronic to mechanical, musical, board, plastic, soft and so on and so forth.

Sometimes these games and toys are uni-functional. I for one feel that it is important the toys and playsets are chosen right as they are crucial to their early childhood development. Get them good sturdy and safe play sets, yes, but if they are multi-functional and therefore more educational, that is even better.



When Hubby and I were talking about Arrow #2 graduating, we took a trip down memory lane. It seemed not so long ago when I was still in the labour ward pushing him out. Haha!

I remember too the trips to the shop I would make with him and his older brother using his special stroller (was it a Maclaren or a B-Ready stroller? Never mind! It was a good one!) Arrow #1 would seat himself in the special tray under the buggy seat when he got tired of walking. Facing each other as they did, they would then entertain themselves while I browsed some more.

Ah, memories! I wonder if the new strollers these days are just as good. Perhaps better!



When we were toying with what to get Arrow #2 for his graduation, gold was one of the options.

The price of gold is getting more and more expensive. So much so that most people would avoid buying gold for jewellery any more especially the 24k aka almost pure gold. However, we decided to buy Arrow #2 a 22k gold chain. Imagine our shock at the price – in ten years, it has quadrupled!

Whilst at the shop Hubby also noticed that they are selling 10k gold chains too. These were surprisingly very affordable in comparison. They look the same and feels the same despite the lesser gold contents.

Smart sales strategy. It makes good accessories available to more.

For Greater Pleasure


A while ago, I did some posts about health and fountains.  It occurred to me later that the wall fountain could also be created in the bathroom. For greater pleasure however, one can add a spa in there, to ease away aching muscles and limbs after a hard days work.

Ah, that would be my dream. Of course, I know that to keep the spa clean, one must buy spa cover to keep away unwanted creatures and dust. Can you imagine it….

Food Fodder!


All t his talk about food and weight gain…. Now Hubby wants to start looking into his retirement plans. And guess what he reckons he can do – Sell food and drinks. No not the big restaurant or cafe set up. Just simple food kiosks. Much easier to control cost and more flexible. All he need is to be at a good location. He truly believes that this is the way to go…

And possibly I am the reason for his new-found enthusiasm….!