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The Setting


There is a need to get the right ambience. And this time, they excelled. Look at the colour and the strong lines… Joy.

This will surely be a hit for the congregation!

And no balloons. Haha.





Big day coming up. In one day, a collection to be taken for community work.

But it is also a birthday celebration and gifts are to be given out.

Lots of gifts.

Hence so thankful for helping hands to get the gifts ready! Amazing how tying a bow can take so much time. Well, I suppose it would if you have 700 to tie!

Thanks ladies!


Making Hampers


One of my favourite past-times now. Making hampers. Lots of hampers if even more fun. What’s more if I dont’ have to spend my own money! Haha!

Really enjoyed myself here. Glad for help, yes. But nonetheless found it real fun.


Delightful Sight


It had been such a long day. We had to run up and down a vast area. I wasn’t wearing the right shoes. We had many items to cover.

Then I headed back to my room. It would be warm I knew. But would it be nice? Clean?

So I put the passkey in place, smile at the green light and throw open the door. WHAT a sight!

Isn’t this super lovely? Inside the two bags are presents from my Boss. One for Hubby and one for me. On the bed us a thank you card. Isn’t that the best? Hah!

I am glad we made a little hamper for Boss.


Musical Sight!


It was an invitation we were delighted to accept. The little one was turning one! Of course, the evening was rather over-the-top for her. She merely enjoyed the fussing of friends and relatives, and the balloons which were so pretty and kept floating overhead.

For us “older folk” there was the added attraction of the musical fountain. It was such a pretty sight!

Playing for 10-15 minutes every half hour from 7.00pm till 11.00pm, it was worth pausing from our original agenda and just sitting down to enjoy a musical and visual treat. Not many musical fountains in the entire nation. This one was well maintained too.

So thankful for a lovely evening~


Another Time of Refreshing


Talk about refreshing on a hot, humid day. In the evening, Hubby and I met up with some friends and had some lovely peppermint tea.

What was even nicer, was the presentation. Just look at it!

Don’t you think this is pretty neat? A transparent tea pot, kept warm over a candle. Inside is lovely peppermint tea which teases you with its fragrance at the back of your soft palate before it makes its journey down your throat. Served with two just-nice-sized glasses. There was enough tea for both Hubby and I. What a lovely way to end the evening….


Just the Thing!









So it’s a hot day. Sweltering. Sweating. Steaming. Classic tropical weather, humid as if a storm is threatening. But deep inside, you know it is not going to hit.

So what do you do?

Grab a popsicle, that’s what!

Arrow #3 and friends had made some for their school bazaar. Delightful! Of course each was snapped up super fast! Just the thing for a mid-afternoon cool-me-down. Yummy too!


Rushing in a Jam


Been rushing around a lot of late. Phew! Trying to meet two deadlines at the same time. That in itself is not usually a problem. So what’s the problem? The problem is that the city I live in isn’t the same as it was a short five years ago. There are now more cars, more people, more buildings, more eateries, more hotels. All these spell c-o-n-g-e-s-t-i-o-n. A trip that used to take half an hour now takes closer to one. It isn’t easy when I have deadlines to meet, and two successive appointments take place in the north and south of the city. Mind you, it’s not because of bad planning. It’s just the way things go sometimes. One is left with a dilemma when close to rush hour time – Does one take the route through the city? Or does one swing around it and take the longer, but hopefully less congested, way.

Times like these I wish I could go back to my biker days. No, not the bicycle. I mean the real thing – motorbikes! I was a silver star rider from England. Ah, if I had my bike I would be able to make all my deadlines easily.

I love biking. The feeling of freedom and, yes, power. The ability to move easily. Of course if it rains, it’s a little bit troublesome. Since I love water, I am pretty ok with that. I would be all geared up with long sleeved coat, gloves, decent shoes and even a reflector belt or vest. Safety is paramount. So most of all, a good decent helmet.

I can dream on…. especially when stuck in a jam.

Delightful Delivery


After all that talk about food, our third Arrow baked up a storm the other night. She has this recipe for chocolate brownies cupcakes given to her by a dear friend. A giver at heart, this time she was baking for her schoolmates. TWO of them celebrating their birthdays at the same time – the next day.

We did think about getting some of Shari’s Berries cupcakes which would have been just as good, if not better. Especially since by the time she finished there was such a mess to clear up. Alas by the time we realised, what she had in mind, it was too late to place our order. What a shame. It would have been so convenient to have these lovely delights delivered to our doorstep. Perhaps next time she will be more organised!

Music Mixed


I have to tell you this….

A good friend who is a French Cuisine Chef made some rum meat balls for a dinner party. If you have never had rum balls, it is pure rum, uncooked, rolled with some magic concoction and bound together that way. Super good.

So good, in fact, that one of the guests had a little too much without realising he was rum filled! Soon he was slurring, and with the band playing and music thumping away, he was up and swaying as well. It really livened up the place in a cute, funny way because he was behaving totally out of character. What really cracked us up was when he started saying something like  he was more “more slim than fatty” with every shake of his hip. Says he who is is at least two stones overweight!

As hard as we laughed, he good-naturedly repeated himself with exaggerated moves, pointing away at the musicians with Night Fever like stabs.

Then suddenly the host almost spat out his drink. He had “deciphered” what our inebriated friend was saying…. moog slim phatty! It’s a kind of keyboard synthesizer and our new John Travolta friend was wanting to buy one! He was enjoying the music and the rum indeed!

By then, most of us could not sit on the chairs anymore. Laughing, we all got up and enjoyed the music together.

What a dinner party it turned out to be!