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Griddle Gourmet


We have had a griddle for well over a year. Donated to us by someone who no longer needed it. It was lying there, collecting dust all this while.

That is, until Foster Son came back. He came back and cooked up a storm!

It was a joy to see the griddle being used. It was even more of a joy to taste the chicken that came off it. Not only well marinated but well cooked and basted with a superb sauce as it sat over the fire. The meat was tender, juicy and full of flavour – excellent with or without the black and pepper sauce that went with it! Yum!

Playing with Fire


What fun. Foster son is back. He qualified from the culinary art school and started working in a reasonably high class restaurant in a hotel. Western cuisine is his passion. So he brought his passion home.

Starting with this – love the playing with fire.

Creme brûlée. Yum.

I shall enjoy playing with fire even though Foster Son has left to go back to work. He left his gadgets with me! Yaaaay!