Music Mixed

I have to tell you this….

A good friend who is a French Cuisine Chef made some rum meat balls for a dinner party. If you have never had rum balls, it is pure rum, uncooked, rolled with some magic concoction and bound together that way. Super good.

So good, in fact, that one of the guests had a little too much without realising he was rum filled! Soon he was slurring, and with the band playing and music thumping away, he was up and swaying as well. It really livened up the place in a cute, funny way because he was behaving totally out of character. What really cracked us up was when he started saying something like  he was more “more slim than fatty” with every shake of his hip. Says he who is is at least two stones overweight!

As hard as we laughed, he good-naturedly repeated himself with exaggerated moves, pointing away at the musicians with Night Fever like stabs.

Then suddenly the host almost spat out his drink. He had “deciphered” what our inebriated friend was saying…. moog slim phatty! It’s a kind of keyboard synthesizer and our new John Travolta friend was wanting to buy one! He was enjoying the music and the rum indeed!

By then, most of us could not sit on the chairs anymore. Laughing, we all got up and enjoyed the music together.

What a dinner party it turned out to be!

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