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Tiada Ternilai – Nothing Can Compare


Some days, this song brings tears to my eyes…. The expression of what I feel… Glad I managed to get the translation to the lyrics. But truly, unless you speak the language, the translation doesn’t quite do justice…

Di hati-Mu terukir namaku
You’ve engraved my name in Your heart
Di mata-Mu terlukis wajahku
You’ve painted my face in Your eyes
Bukan kar’na kuat gagahku
Not because I am great
Namun hanya kar’na kemurahan-Mu
But it’s because You are graciousMeski terkadang aku terjatuh
Though sometimes I fall
Tak pernah lelah Kau hampiriku
You never failed to pick me up
Memelukku dengan cinta-Mu
And hold me with Your love
Betapa besar mulia kasih-Mu
Oh how great is Your love

Bagi-Mu Tuhan s’gala pujian
Unto You be all the praises
Hormat kemuliaan
Honour & Glory
Tiada ternilai salib-Mu Tuhan

Nothing is more priceless than Your Cross
Sungguh berharga Engkau Yesus
Nothing compares to You, Jesus

Songwriter: Andre Hermanto

Triangle Tidyness


If at a first glance this picture doesn’t mean anything to you, then you need to read on!

Plastic bags. Scourge of the environment and earth. And yet, many places still use them and still give them out for free when you get your groceries. Although increasingly there are places which encourage you to bring your own bags by having special days where they charge you for each plastic bag, there is still an abundance of this. Whilst I try to reduce usage of them, they are useful to discard rubbish in.

I often wonder how to keep them away to be used in a tidy and orderly manner. Their many shapes and sizes make it difficult to store neatly and efficiently. In the past, I have folder them in rectangles but they would come apart and make the place look all messy. Other times I have tried to roll them and put into a container. But the same problem would occur – I would have to unroll or open up the bag to see its size and if it wasnt the right size, well, I would have to re-do and put it back….

Until I was shown how to do this. Triangle. Fold triangles and at the last fold, tuck the extra into the flap and voila – neat, tidy, and you can tell the size simply by looking at it. The important part is to fold the bag lenthwise in three first. Then begin folding the triangle from the bottom of the bag upwards. With this method, you can easily tell if there are handles too.

My life has been made easier.

Now if only I could totally stop using them…..


D-i-Y Ice Cream Fest


We had some folks over for dinner the other night and totally forgot to look into dessert. Thankfully we had some ice cream – tubs of them. Some were half full, a couple that were totally unopened. Yes, sometimes we get visitors who bring us ice cream and we forget to open them.

So for dinner that night, we decided to open up all the tubs. I have three sizes of scoops and all three came out. Hot water to soak the scoops in. Some sprinkles – chocolate rice and the multi-coloured ones. And of course, the chocolate and strawberry syrup. YUM!

You can see that the idea was a big hit! Not just for the children, but the adults too. Yay!




Someone came into my office with a lovely offering of cupcakes. However, everyone had left, except for one other person and I. She didn’t like nor want the cupcakes so I ended up taking the whole lot home! They couldn’t be kept over night because of the cream.

So all the way home, I drove very carefully. The clear plastic container seemed to scream at me, “LOOK HOW LOVELY THEY ARE! BE CAREFUL!”

In fact, I was so careful, I drove most of the way with one hand. The other was making sure the precious cargo would not slide about in the car.

When I got home and turned off the engine, I could not help but let out a huge grin. Boy, did I have a surprise for the family.

I opened the car door, reached for the container…. and then it happened.

Slipped right out of my hand. My right hand, mind you. My stronger, more dominant hand.

Splat! One cupcake hit the side of the box.

Upset, but undeterred because there were three good ones still, I bent down to pick up the box.

Double splat! The other three got overturned as the box slipped out of my hand one more time.

Yes, we still ate them, though it just wasn’t the same…..


Eid Mubarak


According to the wikipedia, the phrase Eid Mubarak (Arabicعيد مبارك‎, Hindi: ईद मुबारक Persian/Urdu: عید مُبارک, Malayalam: ഈദ്‌ മുബാറക്‌, Bengali: ঈদ মুবারক) is a traditional Muslim greeting reserved for use on the festivals of Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr. The phrase translates into English as “blessed festival”, and can be paraphrased as “may you enjoy a blessed festival” (Eid refers to the occasion itself, and Mubarak means “Blessed”)

After a whole month of communal fasting and breaking of fast, many ties are forged, some old ones strengthened, some new ones developing. There is something special about the community spirit in doing things. Struggling together. Enjoying the specially prepared food as one. Rubbing sleepy eyes and grumbly tummies are somehow more bearable when you know another person nearby  is going through the same emotions….

But all that is coming to an end now.

After this period, it is celebration time!! Eid Mubarak!


Dragon Delight Discovery




Are you like me? Do you enjoy the dragon fruit? Vietnam was one of the places from which it originated, but I have seen it being grown in my city here too.

One thing I have pondered even as I enjoy them. How can one tell from the outside what the inside will look like?

You see, the inside of the dragon fruit can be white, with many tiny flecks of seeds. Other times, you can cut it open and get a surprisingly deep, rich, purple coloured flesh, dotted with the same seeds. HOW can one tell?

Finally giving in to my ignorance, I posted my question on Facebook! Would any of my friends have the answer I wondered?

A few replied. Some a little “off”. But one, a former manager, now turned chef, gave me this answer…

Which I tested….

And find to be true.

Now I can enjoy the one that I like… Which do YOU like?


Sleep and the Lack of it


Olympics. With the time difference, many on this side of the globe are having late nights. Some of the hot favourite sports like the heart-pumping 100 meter dash, the lung-bursting football and yes, the adrenalin-overdosing badminton, being played in the early hours of the morning. It is no wonder many can’t catch a wink of sleep thereby becoming insomniacs and subsequently, inefficient at work. Not to mention at the detriment of their health! (A sudden thought – how about driving? I dread the thought….)

Well, I read some ambien reviews and they seem to be effective for such self-inflicted sufferers. What’s more, apparently there are little or no side effects. I hope they take time off the square screen and read this post to give it a try!

Olympics Showcases More than Sports


Well, with the London 2012 Olympics going full steam now, I thought I would comment on something rather different from the sports and athletes!  At least for this post!

You see, what struck me when I saw the opening shots and subsequent images beamed from London was the many unique structures and stadiums, build just for the grand worldwide festival of sports. Most of these are metal building specials – normal bricks and mortar or timber will not be able to create such lovely shapes and structures. With the help of the latest building materials such as glass, moulded plastics they have become, and will continue to be, iconic wonders to behold. Lovely…. !



It is super quiet on the streets. Masses indoors… All watching. A riveting third game even as I type this. 

Practice, Practice


Our youngest Arrow will be sitting for her high school final exams next year and she is already feeling the stress! She though proficient in English could do much better if she has better tutoring and assessments. Many a time, I wish I could help her but alas her standard is beyond me.

After high school she hopes to attend a good graduate school. Doing well in the GRE (Graduates Record Examinations) will help her achieve that aim. Hubby thinks she should start by working on right now even though she might not graduate from high school until end of next year! Talk about being a tiger mum. He is a tiger dad….