Dragon Delight Discovery



Are you like me? Do you enjoy the dragon fruit? Vietnam was one of the places from which it originated, but I have seen it being grown in my city here too.

One thing I have pondered even as I enjoy them. How can one tell from the outside what the inside will look like?

You see, the inside of the dragon fruit can be white, with many tiny flecks of seeds. Other times, you can cut it open and get a surprisingly deep, rich, purple coloured flesh, dotted with the same seeds. HOW can one tell?

Finally giving in to my ignorance, I posted my question on Facebook! Would any of my friends have the answer I wondered?

A few replied. Some a little “off”. But one, a former manager, now turned chef, gave me this answer…

Which I tested….

And find to be true.

Now I can enjoy the one that I like… Which do YOU like?


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