Someone came into my office with a lovely offering of cupcakes. However, everyone had left, except for one other person and I. She didn’t like nor want the cupcakes so I ended up taking the whole lot home! They couldn’t be kept over night because of the cream.

So all the way home, I drove very carefully. The clear plastic container seemed to scream at me, “LOOK HOW LOVELY THEY ARE! BE CAREFUL!”

In fact, I was so careful, I drove most of the way with one hand. The other was making sure the precious cargo would not slide about in the car.

When I got home and turned off the engine, I could not help but let out a huge grin. Boy, did I have a surprise for the family.

I opened the car door, reached for the container…. and then it happened.

Slipped right out of my hand. My right hand, mind you. My stronger, more dominant hand.

Splat! One cupcake hit the side of the box.

Upset, but undeterred because there were three good ones still, I bent down to pick up the box.

Double splat! The other three got overturned as the box slipped out of my hand one more time.

Yes, we still ate them, though it just wasn’t the same…..


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