Triangle Tidyness

If at a first glance this picture doesn’t mean anything to you, then you need to read on!

Plastic bags. Scourge of the environment and earth. And yet, many places still use them and still give them out for free when you get your groceries. Although increasingly there are places which encourage you to bring your own bags by having special days where they charge you for each plastic bag, there is still an abundance of this. Whilst I try to reduce usage of them, they are useful to discard rubbish in.

I often wonder how to keep them away to be used in a tidy and orderly manner. Their many shapes and sizes make it difficult to store neatly and efficiently. In the past, I have folder them in rectangles but they would come apart and make the place look all messy. Other times I have tried to roll them and put into a container. But the same problem would occur – I would have to unroll or open up the bag to see its size and if it wasnt the right size, well, I would have to re-do and put it back….

Until I was shown how to do this. Triangle. Fold triangles and at the last fold, tuck the extra into the flap and voila – neat, tidy, and you can tell the size simply by looking at it. The important part is to fold the bag lenthwise in three first. Then begin folding the triangle from the bottom of the bag upwards. With this method, you can easily tell if there are handles too.

My life has been made easier.

Now if only I could totally stop using them…..



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