Tiada Ternilai – Nothing Can Compare

Some days, this song brings tears to my eyes…. The expression of what I feel… Glad I managed to get the translation to the lyrics. But truly, unless you speak the language, the translation doesn’t quite do justice…

Di hati-Mu terukir namaku
You’ve engraved my name in Your heart
Di mata-Mu terlukis wajahku
You’ve painted my face in Your eyes
Bukan kar’na kuat gagahku
Not because I am great
Namun hanya kar’na kemurahan-Mu
But it’s because You are graciousMeski terkadang aku terjatuh
Though sometimes I fall
Tak pernah lelah Kau hampiriku
You never failed to pick me up
Memelukku dengan cinta-Mu
And hold me with Your love
Betapa besar mulia kasih-Mu
Oh how great is Your love

Bagi-Mu Tuhan s’gala pujian
Unto You be all the praises
Hormat kemuliaan
Honour & Glory
Tiada ternilai salib-Mu Tuhan

Nothing is more priceless than Your Cross
Sungguh berharga Engkau Yesus
Nothing compares to You, Jesus

Songwriter: Andre Hermanto


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