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Special Dinner with Special Someone





“Let’s go out for dinner,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Let’s go somewhere special,” he added.

“OK,” but I began to wonder.

We got into the car and he drove.

And drove.

And drove.

For about forty-five minutes to the outskirts of town.

Some of the road had no street lights.

And then we turned into this five-star hotel.

Voila. We were having dinner at this lovely snug Indian restaurant within the hotel.

The pictures speak volumes, yes?

No there was no special occasion. Just one very special person =)


Unexpected Dinner Party


We were supposed to meet with this from-out-of-town team. And so we did. But as we started on what we needed to do, the realisation came that they have not made any arrangements for dinner. The poor things were going to work right through dinner! So even though I had dinner waiting for me, I decided that this just would not do!

A few quick phone calls and voila! Pizza delivered and we had a surprise dinner party – the four of us!


Rather enjoyable if I may say so. It would have been nicer had the pizza been warmer than they were. As it was, the day was so cold, the air-conditioners were going full blast, the pizzas cooled down within minutes of their delivery.

Having said that, it was still nice. Yum!

Jellied Mooncakes?



The purists would turn in their grave. How can anyone do such a thing to the mooncake, that symbol of ancient, powerful China.

But change it she did. She made these from jelly. The colours and the shapes and sizes. Even the pretend egg yolk was meticulously prepared beforehand – in jelly shape of course.

I wonder how long she took to get the colours on and how long it took to get them to set.

As you can see, they look pretty interesting.

Taste-wise? Ahhhhhh Must be grateful. …..


Different Delights


Strawberries. You can’t always get them here. They can be grown, but only in the highlands where the climate is cooler.

Rambutans. These are tropical fruit. Red or yellow skinned, they are lovely and succulent with a seed inside. Easier to get here, but also seasonal.

So when you get the both together, yum!

What a lovely treat this was! Topped with a couple of scoops of ice cream… yum yum… My idea of a special dessert treat!




Dear Arrow #3. The furniture in her room is mostly made of hand-me-downs from her older siblings. The table, chair, the bedside table are all second (or even third) hand. In particular is her wardrobe. Actually a tad too narrow for hangers, we had bought it in a sale. Lasted us well considering that her siblings are now in their 20’s!

Lasted until just recently – the door finally gave way. Hard to repair. So Hubby and I went scouting for new furniture. It was fun.

We found what we thought was a good set and ordered it.

When the delivery van came, I must say we were a little excited. Especially since I thought they were going to hit the roof of our porch! The driver stopped in time!

They took away other old furniture and cleared up the place for new. Nice. In came the new furniture. Oh, did I mention – we didn’t just order a wardrobe. We added a new bed, two bedside tables and a dressing table too. Worked out cheaper!


A Trapped Visitor


So Hubby had finished his special drink. It was his own herbal special, brewed carefully and consumed sparingly. He accidentally left the bottle open, forgetting to put it away nicely.

The next morning, we found that we had a special visitor….

Perhaps it was looking for food. Or perhaps it needed a drink too. The herbs probably drew it.  Alas, they also trapped it.

I kept it for showing to the rest of the household. Then our household help came along and washed it. She washed the bottle without realising there was a guest inside it…

I suppose it was time for it to be let loose ….!?


Ranting About Music


After my last post, I have to tell you… I kid you not. This entire family is music-mad.

From my maternal grandfather who was self-taught on the violin but yet ended up playing for weddings in a quartet, to my youngest child who picks up the ukele and the bass guitar with ease, we are a kin who surrounds ourselves with music.

Instruments abound in our home. At one time, we had a keyboard/pianist, a bass/lead guitaris, a percussionist, a few good vocalists… why, we should have entered a competition or two! Our latest addition, of all things, is a ram’s horn. Quite an instrument indeed!

In fact, we are constantly looking for good musician accessories of one sort or another to enhance what we have. In fact, you could say that we feel we sound better given the right equipment and support. In fact, sometimes we think we sound so good we ought to cut an album…. After all, we get uploaded on the net…. At least the children do!

Sejahtera Malaysia (Peaceful and safe Malaysia)


Puji dan syukur pada Ilahi (Praise and thanks to God)
AnugerahNya tiada terhingga (HIS gift knows no limits)
Kedamaian kemakmuran (Peace and prosperity)
Malaysiaku bahagia (My country Malaysia is happy and well)

Dengan tekad untuk berjaya (Determined to succeed)
Berbakti pada nusa dan bangsa (To serve our land and people)
Kami junjung cita-cita luhur (We carry our noble ambitions)
Perpaduan seluruh negeri (unity throughout the nation)

Seia sekata sehati sejiwa (Unanimous and united)
Menghadapi cabaran (we face challenges)
Kami sedia kami setia (We are ready, we are loyal)
Berkorban untuk negara (to sacrifice for our country)

Bersemarak Malaysia tercinta (Beloved Malaysia grows greater)
Kibarkan panji kebesarannya (let the country’s banner fly)

Kami rela menjaga NamaMu (We are willing to safeguard your reputation)
Sejahtera Malaysia (Peaceful and safe Malaysia)



Different Strokes Different Styles


Speaking of family and branching out. It never fails to amaze me as to how diverse my family is going. Don’t get me wrong. There are similarities of course. Many comment on mannerisms and appearances. Some get us confused as to who looks like who.

The diversity I refer to is their choice of career for one. Arrow #1 is doing something on the medical side. Arrow #2 is into engineering and all that detail. Arrow #3 is keen on arty stuff. Wow.

Another area of difference is their hair. Arrow #1 takes after his Dad – somewhat wild and uncontrollably thick mop of hair. Arrow #2 has a good head of hair too but is more of a mixture of his Dad’s and mine. The youngest Arrow takes after me – soft and more fine, making it sometimes hard to manage and control. When they were young, I would cut their hair for them.  Each would have their own preferred style This meant we had to buy texturizing shears for our varied hair style preferences!

Now of course, they will not let me go near their heads! In that, they are of full agreement!