Culinary Celebration



Whenever any of the Arrows who are abroad come home, Hubby takes it on himself to get the oven going. It is his way of celebrating that they are well, they are back, they are going to go forth again. He will ask the Arrow concerned to invite friends. Then once the numbers are ascertained, we go shopping. He chooses the meats himself. He knows exactly what he wants.

Once home, he does the preparation. Marinating is most important and yet such a simple thing to do. He does it with a flick of the wrist here and there … and voila! “Leave it for now,” he says.

Roast chicken is on the menu. Yum. An absolute winner. Always tender, juicy and tasty.


Then of course, there is the crispy skin roast pork. Often brings the selfish nature out in one when there are only a few pieces left. You can see the thoughts, “Oh, please don’t take the last one. Offer it to ME!” Haha!

Yummy way to celebrate. Well, we look for any reason to celebrate really.

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