Different Strokes Different Styles

Speaking of family and branching out. It never fails to amaze me as to how diverse my family is going. Don’t get me wrong. There are similarities of course. Many comment on mannerisms and appearances. Some get us confused as to who looks like who.

The diversity I refer to is their choice of career for one. Arrow #1 is doing something on the medical side. Arrow #2 is into engineering and all that detail. Arrow #3 is keen on arty stuff. Wow.

Another area of difference is their hair. Arrow #1 takes after his Dad – somewhat wild and uncontrollably thick mop of hair. Arrow #2 has a good head of hair too but is more of a mixture of his Dad’s and mine. The youngest Arrow takes after me – soft and more fine, making it sometimes hard to manage and control. When they were young, I would cut their hair for them.  Each would have their own preferred style This meant we had to buy texturizing shears for our varied hair style preferences!

Now of course, they will not let me go near their heads! In that, they are of full agreement!

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