Ranting About Music

After my last post, I have to tell you… I kid you not. This entire family is music-mad.

From my maternal grandfather who was self-taught on the violin but yet ended up playing for weddings in a quartet, to my youngest child who picks up the ukele and the bass guitar with ease, we are a kin who surrounds ourselves with music.

Instruments abound in our home. At one time, we had a keyboard/pianist, a bass/lead guitaris, a percussionist, a few good vocalists… why, we should have entered a competition or two! Our latest addition, of all things, is a ram’s horn. Quite an instrument indeed!

In fact, we are constantly looking for good musician accessories of one sort or another to enhance what we have. In fact, you could say that we feel we sound better given the right equipment and support. In fact, sometimes we think we sound so good we ought to cut an album…. After all, we get uploaded on the net…. At least the children do!

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