Dear Arrow #3. The furniture in her room is mostly made of hand-me-downs from her older siblings. The table, chair, the bedside table are all second (or even third) hand. In particular is her wardrobe. Actually a tad too narrow for hangers, we had bought it in a sale. Lasted us well considering that her siblings are now in their 20’s!

Lasted until just recently – the door finally gave way. Hard to repair. So Hubby and I went scouting for new furniture. It was fun.

We found what we thought was a good set and ordered it.

When the delivery van came, I must say we were a little excited. Especially since I thought they were going to hit the roof of our porch! The driver stopped in time!

They took away other old furniture and cleared up the place for new. Nice. In came the new furniture. Oh, did I mention – we didn’t just order a wardrobe. We added a new bed, two bedside tables and a dressing table too. Worked out cheaper!


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