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It suddenly dawned on me.

Normally at this time of the year, we would have the decorations up already. O dear. We are quite behind.

The thing is, we are into a truly busy stretch. So busy that I hadn’t even realised November is going to be upon us. There are still a few more major events before the end of the year. Phew!

Going to try to get something organized soon! Otherwise we will run out of time ….


Blue and Orange


I would never have put the two together. But here they are and don’t they look fairly bright and cheerful?

That was the brief I gave the florist – bright and cheerful flowers I said. Quite a combination. And nothing like what I expected… Food for thought and to KIV. I quite like it… though not for every occasion.


She Peeks


She loves her new spot.

She rules.

She observes.

She waits.

She peeks at all and sundry.

And she feels safe there. It is a warm and snug Mitten size hole …

That folks, is my letter box without a door! Haha!


First Fruits


This is quite fun! We have cherry tomatoes grown from our garden!

Aren’t they the cutest? Haha! Sweet too….


An Unusual Sight


A sight I thought I would never see again on the roads. Haha. Used to see them a lot in my childhood days in West Malaysia as I grew up. For a season we were even given their milk for breakfast!

So there they were Рnonchalantly strolling down the road, never you mind.

Someone honked but most of us just evaded. Traffic came to a standstill.

And rightly so. A herd of goats was about their business.

Let them be. Haha


Found it!


For weeks we have been discussing this. Planning in secret. Haha.

Arrow #3 and I have been talking about where we can get her Daddy’s birthday present!

Finally we found a shop which stocked it. Almost by accident I must add. The shop we went looking for at the start had closed down. So we drove a little further down. We stopped by the roadside of this little, dingy almost shop. It looked like it would have some stuffed away somewhere in the deep recesses of the darkened and dusty shelves….

And we were right!

Duly transformed with the lovely wrapping and ribbon by Arrow #3

What is inside?

Actually something simple But something Hubby really likes and wanted.

Men’s cotton handkerchiefs. Shhhhh?




Far more soft than plastercine.

Easier to make and colour.

Much more flexible and moudable for young and old.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ….. the playdough recipe!

This one works and I have tried it out for years…..!



If you had told me a year ago that I would dare to do something like this, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. I would probably have shaken my head vigorously as I did so. I might even have got up from wherever I was seated and paced the floor because of the nervous, almost hysterical emotions that this roused within me.

Who would have thought that I used to score distinctions in maths.

But I did.

I even grew up playing numbers games with my parents whilst in the car – they would point out a car nearby and I would race with my brother to see who could total up the numbers faster.

And then I grew up, left home, and got married to an accountant… and I left everything related to figures to him.

Till about a year ago, I would face all sorts of challenges. Silly ones, such as adding up in my chequebook instead of deducting. (A deluded longing perhaps?) Or losing a zero in somewhere when toting up the purchases (another ploy to apparently increase the contents of one’s purse)

I know, I know. These things don’t happen to real people.


Then one day, whilst stuck in the airplane I picked up the inflight magazine. Because I had nothing else to do, and I had left my own amusement materials behind, I got into the activity page. I discovered that a numbers game called Sudoku was not as fearful as I had initially thought. I finished it before the plane took off!

And there began my journey of interest in numbers once again.

Today, tadaaaa! I even attempt the hard ones!

Yes, folks, I am pretty pleased with myself indeed!


Dilemma Days


It was one of those days where Hubby was picking up Arrow #3 and they were going to spend some time together. This time, they went shopping. Yes, shopping. She shopped and he paid up. Yes, they have the usual father-daughter relationship!

Hubby will look at the cost and value. Arrow #3 will look at the colours and cut. They are both good at their respective areas and a great asset to have along for any shopping spree!

This time however, with the advancement of technology, they could involve me with their dilemma of choices.

They sent me whatsapp images….

This, for instance, we to ask me whether I would consider getting the blur, the maroon or the brown coloured cardigans.

Now tell me, how can ANYONE make a decision like that? All the colours are superb!

So I had a dilemma myself – when could I go over in person to check things out!


Behold …..



She has been with us for more than six years. When she came, she was just a tiny scrap of fur. It was a kind of rescue really. The finder really couldn’t keep her – there were two dogs in the house. But she looked so fragile, vulnerable and needy. Who could resist her?Now, she rules the roost.

The dog is scared of her – she taught it to fear her.

The household help is scared of her – she leaves things for clearing up every morning – a bird, and stain, whatever.

What can we do with such a feline? Help!