Dilemma Days

It was one of those days where Hubby was picking up Arrow #3 and they were going to spend some time together. This time, they went shopping. Yes, shopping. She shopped and he paid up. Yes, they have the usual father-daughter relationship!

Hubby will look at the cost and value. Arrow #3 will look at the colours and cut. They are both good at their respective areas and a great asset to have along for any shopping spree!

This time however, with the advancement of technology, they could involve me with their dilemma of choices.

They sent me whatsapp images….

This, for instance, we to ask me whether I would consider getting the blur, the maroon or the brown coloured cardigans.

Now tell me, how can ANYONE make a decision like that? All the colours are superb!

So I had a dilemma myself – when could I go over in person to check things out!


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