If you had told me a year ago that I would dare to do something like this, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. I would probably have shaken my head vigorously as I did so. I might even have got up from wherever I was seated and paced the floor because of the nervous, almost hysterical emotions that this roused within me.

Who would have thought that I used to score distinctions in maths.

But I did.

I even grew up playing numbers games with my parents whilst in the car – they would point out a car nearby and I would race with my brother to see who could total up the numbers faster.

And then I grew up, left home, and got married to an accountant… and I left everything related to figures to him.

Till about a year ago, I would face all sorts of challenges. Silly ones, such as adding up in my chequebook instead of deducting. (A deluded longing perhaps?) Or losing a zero in somewhere when toting up the purchases (another ploy to apparently increase the contents of one’s purse)

I know, I know. These things don’t happen to real people.


Then one day, whilst stuck in the airplane I picked up the inflight magazine. Because I had nothing else to do, and I had left my own amusement materials behind, I got into the activity page. I discovered that a numbers game called Sudoku was not as fearful as I had initially thought. I finished it before the plane took off!

And there began my journey of interest in numbers once again.

Today, tadaaaa! I even attempt the hard ones!

Yes, folks, I am pretty pleased with myself indeed!


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