Found it!

For weeks we have been discussing this. Planning in secret. Haha.

Arrow #3 and I have been talking about where we can get her Daddy’s birthday present!

Finally we found a shop which stocked it. Almost by accident I must add. The shop we went looking for at the start had closed down. So we drove a little further down. We stopped by the roadside of this little, dingy almost shop. It looked like it would have some stuffed away somewhere in the deep recesses of the darkened and dusty shelves….

And we were right!

Duly transformed with the lovely wrapping and ribbon by Arrow #3

What is inside?

Actually something simple But something Hubby really likes and wanted.

Men’s cotton handkerchiefs. Shhhhh?


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    […] was quite a thrill to see Hubby using his birthday gift yesterday (see Found It! post) I couldn’t help but smile when I think about how Arrow #3 and I were somehow able to […]


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