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It’s Up


I have finally got around to putting up the tree. And I had a good workout as I went about it. This is part one of three, the other two being the windows and the ceiling respectively.

11_15Love it. Now for some decent music as well!


Fruit with Friends


We went visiting. Invited to a friend’s house for a lovely home-cooked meal. We wanted to take something along to bless them. The wife is an excellent cook. I couldn’t match her culinary skills. So I did the next best thing. I made a simple fruit platter.

11_13Presentation is important. So a choice of apt colours put together, arranged in a slightly structured way, and voila! Nice? I think so. And so did our friends!


What an Accident!

Once in a while, we like to take a long drive out of town. It is fun to explore.
Whilst on a drive to a nearby town just recently, we were shocked to see this sight.

The driver in the red car must have been speeding and somehow did not even notice the silver car in front. The front of the silver car is smashed up too. It is as if the car behind had pushed the car in front on to something. We noticed a downed street light. I do hope the occupants were not too badly hurt.

The motorbiker must be thinking that he is glad he wasn’t in the accident. Perhaps a good helmet would have saved him from serious hurt but he would have still been badly hurt nonetheless!

Learning Can Be Fun


There is another part of me. I help people discover themselves more. Learning about themselves and how uniquely they have been made, and how to move on from there.

I love it. Putting people through the paces and stressing them as I do so. Shifting the goal posts and moving people out of their comfort zones is part and parcel of what I do, and I believe, do well.

Simple games become tools for training. Normal activities are exaggerated for illustration purposes.

You will never be the same again after a session with me

(cue : wicked laugh)

Surmounting Challenges


As I said to the young man this morning, it wasn’t until he made the switch from one sound system to the other that the shortfall of the former was obvious. But with the latter system came along a whine which would go louder before it disappeared….

Yes, the sound system in the church has been playing up. Worse, there was a burning smell coming from the mixer. The system has been serving us well for more than ten years. But it does look like we have to buy a new one soon. Electronics can only last so long; sooner or later it will become more troublesome to upkeep, especially when well passed its shelf life. This will cost a fair bit as other things such as stereo stands and new speakers would have to be added as well. I am glad that I don’t have to be the one to figure out what is needed, but needed is the word, and soon. We have a major event coming up!

What it Takes to Get it


It is all the craze right now. So many posts before the launch and just as many after just makes it more desirable. Of course, it is not available here….. yet!

Well, some have chosen to beat the queuing madness of getting the latest iphone 5 at neweggNo need to queue in the cold, especially overnight. Just order online, with a couple of clicks. It might just beat the local launch date too. Temptingly good advice.

So yes, that is the plan folks….! Stay tuned!

Easier to Find


It was quite a thrill to see Hubby using his birthday gift yesterday (see Found It! post) I couldn’t help but smile when I think about how Arrow #3 and I were somehow able to get to the right shop. Then, in the right shop, we somehow managed to ask the right questions. From there, and only then, could we get the prize. I couldn’t help but wonder if the shop had had enough Glass Showcases whether it would have been easier. As it was, I need to press the old man there….

Still, I am glad we finally did get them! Such joy to see him fishing it out from his pocket…..