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Surmounting Challenges


As I said to the young man this morning, it wasn’t until he made the switch from one sound system to the other that the shortfall of the former was obvious. But with the latter system came along a whine which would go louder before it disappeared….

Yes, the sound system in the church has been playing up. Worse, there was a burning smell coming from the mixer. The system has been serving us well for more than ten years. But it does look like we have to buy a new one soon. Electronics can only last so long; sooner or later it will become more troublesome to upkeep, especially when well passed its shelf life. This will cost a fair bit as other things such as stereo stands and new speakers would have to be added as well. I am glad that I don’t have to be the one to figure out what is needed, but needed is the word, and soon. We have a major event coming up!